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Dr Wires Explains Emergence

1. Dr Wires takes on challenge to explain the squirrely concept of 'emergence' from science.

Click on the image below to see the 3-minute introductory video on emergence, produced by Itaulab of the Institúto ITAÚ Cultural as part of their biennial symposium whose 2008 incarnation was called Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 - Emergência! The video was used to introduce the first keynote at the symposium by Dr Peter Cariani with cinematography of Dr Wires by Dennis Letbetter.

2. In an interview for a Brazlian magazine published by the same institute, Dr Wires was asked this:

Emergence could be understood as the recognition of complex events from simple rules. Could you give us an example of the inverse process, that is, complex rules that result in simple events?

Click on the image below to hear Dr Wires' response—you may be surprised and delighted. Click to the Brazilian magazine to read his other answers, in the beautiful language of Portuguese.

If, on clicking a screen to the left or a link below, you get the QuickTime symbol, all's well.

Dr Wires asks that you be patient to wait for the video to start.

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