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Dr Wires in Brazil 2008

Dr Wires was invited to create an introductory video and to participate in events surrounding the 4th biennial exhibition of Instituto ITAÚ Cultural, Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 - Emergência!, in July 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil. Here are some photos and links related to his achievements there.
dr wires at emergencia
Above left: Dr Wires & his friend Guilherme Kujawski of Itaulab.

Right: Dr Wires enjoying the whole situation.


Dr Wires performs a Pecha Kucha entitled "Meaningful Emergence"

Dr Wires explains emergence

Dr Wires appears on the social page of a prominant Brazilian newspaper
[500k PDF]

Dr Wires does an interview with CONTINUUM Magazine [translated into Portuguese]

Dr Wires wishes to thank everyone at Itaulab and Instituto ITAÚ Cutural for their kind invitation to participate.

Above right: Dr Wires dazzling the young.

Left: Dr Wires preparing intently for his Pecha Kucha using analog technology.

Right: Ever present on his lapel, a 'flipper' rotates as long as Dr Wires is shaking someone's hand.




Special thanks also to Professor Despina Papadopoulos and Zach Eveland of Studio5050 for this amazing wearable device created especially for Dr Wires' South American debut at Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 - Emergência!

Left: Here the flipper displays his slogan, 'Always Be Connected', in Portuguese.