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It seemed innocuous enough in the late 1990s when the world started to go 'wireless'. But as we've seen since the year 2015 or so, it's been slippery slope and a bumpy ride. The future of the world depends on our children understanding the implications of a wireless world, and what we must not lose when un-wired. Thank you for visiting my site. May you be re-wired as a result. — Dr Wires Plenary Panel, Annual Wireless Vendor Conference, Mumbai, India, January 2025

I just want to point out, metaphorically speaking, all those little 'pluses and minuses' to every so-called 'advance in technology'. It's not all good, you know. It can't be, because there is always a dark side to any tradeoffs. — Dr Wires Opening Keynote at "Conversations about Interaction and Interactions about Conversation Conference", Banff, Alberta, Canada, Autumn 2018

Please, always be connected. — Dr Wires, Web 18.0 Conference Panel on Idea Puffery, sponsored by IdeaPuffery.Com, São Paolo, Brazil, July 2010